Your 24/7 learning that can be accessed from anywhere. Our e-Learning offers an array of interactivity. Everyone remembers a Sirenna course Our e-Learning is cost effective. We’re all watching the £££’s our e-Learning saves time.Training without travel.

E-learning is your way to train without travelling. This powerful and cost-effective way to deliver both systems and process training to all devices; laptops, desktops, or Smartphones is made available to you from Sirenna.

Think of the possibilities of such a solution being available to delegates twenty four hours a day for 365 days a year. We develop creative bespoke e-learning solutions for our clients. These range from small projects to large scale development projects delivered in multiple languages globally. The degree of complexity varies from simple tutorial modules to sophisticated scenarios with diagnostics, video simulations and games.

Let Sirenna provide you with innovative global solutions that can reach your entire workforce, no matter where they are.

In our solutions design, we apply the most appropriate model of teaching and learning for the subject matter, audience, and technology platform. Sirenna offers e-Learning as an alternative to classroom-based training, this has been proven to provide a number of advantages.

Sirenna’s Approach

  • Importance of training objectives learning outcomes
  • Appropriate instructional model
  • Attention to learning task
  • Provoke deeper thinking not just surface learning
  • Training should be authentic, relevance learner-centred and enjoyable
  • Exploit technological opportunities
  • Consider the total learning environment

Benefits of E-Learning

  • Reduce trainee learning time
  • Reduce the cost of training
  • Provide instructional consistency
  • Allow trainees to learn at their own pace
  • Provide a safe method for learning hazardous tasks with computer simulations
  • Provide a consistent training package to all employees wherever they are in the world

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