Design and Development

Design and Development

E-learning, training manuals, deskaids, presentations, user guides, quick reference guides, delegate workbooks and much, much more...

Sirenna use the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) to design and develop bespoke training materials.


Whether converting a course for web delivery or deploying a fully integrated E-learning environment, Sirenna takes special care to ensure the specification contains a very clear statement of:

  • Learning objectives
  • Target audience
  • Content scope and structure
  • Instructional approach, including assessment strategy
  • Functional specifications and standards for technical delivery.

Early prototyping may also be used to enable proof of concept. The client is required to sign off a specification before further work begins.


In our design solution , Sirenna will apply the most appropriate model of teaching and learning for the subject matter, audience, and technology platform. 

Sirenna's approach to designing successful course content is based on the:

  • Importance of training objectives / learning outcomes
  • Appropriate instructional model
  • Attention to learning task
  • Provoke deeper, not just surface learning
  • Authenticity and relevance
  • Learner-centred and enjoyable
  • Exploit technological opportunities
  • Consider the total learning environment


Sirenna approaches courseware development with you the client in mind. We focus on:

  • Structured knowledge acquisition
  • Appropriate templates, storyboards
  • Systematic testing
  • Consideration of standards
  • Interoperability
  • Accessibility 


Sirenna operate a rigorous, continuous review process. Evaluation of all outputs, from early prototypes to final trials, is an essential risk reduction strategy as it helps ensure client and developer expectations remain aligned.

Users, project stakeholders, and developers undertake reviews to ensure that all aims and objectives are met using:

  • Robust Standards Documentation
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Level 1 and Level 2 QA Reviews
  • Final Sign Off Stagegates

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