Business Change

Business Change

Let us develop a strategic approach to accommodate the dramatic pace of business process, technological, people and structures change in your organisation.

Let us develop a strategic approach to accommodate the dramatic pace of business process, technological, people and structures change in your organisation.

Transformation and Change

Sirenna help to implement change in your organisation by creating and supporting a change mindset through training. Change is about how your organisation as a whole is evolving, whether is a new process, system or policy we ensure that the right messages are cascaded in the right medium at the right time. Working closely with your change team, we will develop:

  • A Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • A Communications Plan
  • Communication Road shows
  • Business Awareness Sessions

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Engaging key stakeholders in any business is fundamental to the overall effectiveness of the training programme you are looking to deliver. Sirenna will ensure that we get the "buy in" from the key people in your organisation in order to deliver the change without jeopardising the operational performance.

Through our continuous relationship management we build confidence with your senior leadership team enabling them to own the change programme from the top down. Our logically constructed "Stakeholder Engagement Plan" identifies the most important element of who needs to be communicated with in your organisation and when.

Regular and clear communication within your organisation will gain the buy in and co-operation from the top table right through to the end user training of delegates across the programme. The added bonus you get from Sirenna developing your communications strategy is the direct linkage to any training suppliers required for the training programme with the end user training.

In our experience, large "Change Management" programmes succeed with stakeholder engagement and clear, concise project communications.

Communication Plan

A well planned and executed Communications Plan is vital to any transformation programme and helps to:

  • Administer key communications to stakeholders and participants.
  • Identify the best communications channels and mediums that will be most effective within your organisation
  • Gauge the frequency of the communications to be delivered to the business
  • Establish the appropriate timeline to ensure successful event execution.

Ensuring regular updates are planned will involve the workforce through the change rather than let than change happen to them.

Everyone on the programme needs to know when they will be impacted. For example, on a large transformation programme involving complex software deployments Sirenna deploys a "Just in Time" training methodology and aligns the end user training with the rollout.

Key training communications begin on the long run up to the end user training with Awareness Seminars and warm up sessions to inform users what they will be receiving and when.

Communication Road shows

In the run up to the end user training, incentive events and "Communication Road Shows" play an integral part in reaching out to everyone in the organisation and delivering the "Key Messages" to the workforce. Well organised Communication Road Shows cascade information throughout the organisation and enable your senior management team to engage the business and deliver future plans.

These will directly align the training plans with the key business drivers and goals, transforming performance through learning across the organisation.

Sirenna will develop your Business Awareness Sessions to ensure that staff understand how things are going to change and why. Business Awareness Sessions allay any fears that staff may have with the up and coming changes and enable them to respond to the changes.

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