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  • Testimony
    Sirenna offered us the right expertise in both technology and learning, working with us all the way to ensure our vision was met. Their support and service has made it possible to turn our vision to reality and in a really short timescale.
    NICE - NHS

    Jim Sharp

    NHS Evidence Programme Manager

  • Testimony
    Developing people is an important part of Natural England's future. People are our future and what differentiates us from other organisations. To give their best, people need to feel valued, motivated, inspired – we are looking to achieve this through an innovative, individually tailored training programme that helps people work towards achieving their full potential. Sirenna has started our people on this journey and will stay with them as they develop and grow.
    Natural England

    Sarah Seery

    Training Programme Manager

  • Testimony
    Sirenna took the challenge and provided a solution that captured our requirements perfectly, encompassing the process and systems training. Producing the ‘hands-on’ sessions gave a realism that all staff could easily relate to and apply. I highly recommend Sirenna to provide the complete training solution.

    David Barker

    Environment Stewardship Project Lead

  • Testimony
    A refreshing and creative training solution, not seen in Animal Health before, Sirenna bought the whole change programme to its staff not just the training element. The ability and professionalism of their staff enabled them to deliver on time every time.
    Animal Health

    Sue Tarran

    Training Programme Manager

  • Testimony
    This was a very large scale deployment with training having to take place at every single Magistrates Court in England and Wales.
    Sirenna’s ability to design a logical and pragmatic training programme for a challenging group of people was exceptional. The MoJ had been promised a new case management system for several years yet despite the change fatigue by the staff, Sirenna’s training team deployed the training with ease. I would welcome the opportunity to work with team again.
    The Ministry of Justice

    Martin Brookes

    Deployment Manager

  • Testimony
    Rani and her team were instrumental in promoting the success of this project, delivering the message of how organisations can come together and work in partnership on community projects. The professionalism Sirenna brought to the event raised the profile of the project and demonstrated that a low budget does not mean a compromise on quality. A job well done.
    West Yorkshire Police

    PC Graham Lawton

    West Yorkshire Police

  • Testimony
    Sirenna brought life to regulation training. This informative solution ensured that the key messages of Solvency II and the impact it is going to make to the insurance market were relayed in an interactive way. Working with Sirenna, so many new ideas came to the table, which not only produced innovate training, but was the most cost effective solution I had come across. We reduced the cost to the project by 60%.
    Chartis Insurance

    Roger Aburrow

    Compliance Manager.

  • Testimony
    Sirenna did an excellent job for us in mapping existing business processes on to the new system to ensure that it met our needs and in providing very clear and flexible training modules across the organisation to assist with the roll-out. It was a pleasure to work with Paul and his team.

    Teresa Furmston

    Company Secretary Novae Insurance Group

  • Testimony
    Sirenna’s designed a solution that minimised the disruption to the working day. The clear and comprehensive training documentation was easy to follow and has been well thumbed – it’s an excellent reference document. A brilliant job, well done.
    QBE Insurance

    Natalie Carter

    Deployment Manager

  • Testimony
    We had to ensure that both our staff and customers were ready for the transition of moving from a paper based portfolio to an electronic portfolio was smooth and deployed with the minimum amount of disruption to the learner. Upskilling the staff and more importantly, the team supporting the staff, was the priority and Sirenna bought in a solution that was pragmatic, workable yet innovative.

    Catherine Fox-Lee

    Transformation Manager

  • Testimony
    Excellent modules. Given we're a technology business covering such a vast scope of technologies it's great to have these modules to allow you to 'fill in the gaps'. More please! I found the e-Learning modules hugely rewarding and applaud Sirenna's approach. I found the training not only informative but also enjoyable.
    Learning Skills Council (LSC)

    Steve Williams

    Programme Manager

  • Testimony
    In addition to providing training consultancy, Sirenna were also responsible for developing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the HRMS e-Recruitment programme in conjunction with Head of HR. Sirenna provided coaching and training to guide Recruiting Managers through complex e-Recruitment processes and formalised the Succession Planning and Talent Management processes across the Strategic Partner Universities. " Sirenna went the extra mile for us"
    King’s College London

    Simon Harrison

    Head Of Enterprise Applications

    Kings College London

  • Testimony
    Sirenna ability to produce such high quality solutions for such a diverse organisation was exemplary.
    BT NHS - NHS Care Record System (SPINE)

    Steve Tainton

    NHS Care Record System (SPINE) ProgrammeTraining Lead

  • Testimony
    A big thank you to Rani for delivering a first class service. It is so refreshing to read comments from the team in India who were impressed by her ability to convey the training so succinctly and efficiently. I would strongly recommend Rani and indeed Sirenna to be our training service provider.

    Ashok Mehra

    Service Delivery Manager

    (Bangalore India)

  • Testimony
    “Great training provider with a first class approach to meeting my training needs. I would recommend Sirenna without any hesitation. Keep up the good work.”

    Tayo Alabi

    Sales Manager

  • Testimony
    The strength of the British Council is in the capabilities of its people. The future depends on how effectively we develop the knowledge and skills of our staff to ensure we meet the changing requirements of the business. Business Training Services is key to improving the productivity and efficiency of the British Council’s workforce and to realising the benefits of its investment in new systems and processes. Sirenna have embedded the required level of awareness, encouraged its acceptance and ensured the adoption of the new learning landscape.
    British Council

    Andrew Fotheringham

    (Director, British Council Corporate Services)

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  • Testimony
    Sirenna Learning - Enabling the successful delivery of a Mosaic Care Records System into Warwickshire County Council through bespoke ELearning Development and training. The Mosaic project is currently delivering the replacement of Warwickshire County Councils Care Records system in a phased approach. To date we have successfully delivered the solution into Early Help, Children's Social Care and will soon be going live with Adults. Rani has been a key member of our project team, working very closely with us designing and developing 50 e-Learning modules, building online assessment simulations and has delivered classroom-based training to business champions and social workers on the new care system Mosaic. Rani and her team have also helped us ensure we successfully embed the change into the business in delivering Awareness Roadshows to the wider communities/stakeholder groups within the council and supporting the end users of the new system through delivering floor walking having travelled to various office locations throughout the County area. Rani, and the support offered by her team has been, and continues to be, an important factor in ensuring the success of our project.
    Warwickshire County Council
    Peter Robinson

    Senior Project Manager at Warwickshire County Council

  • Testimony
    Fantastic solution provided to complex environment of users Highways England operates the UK’s Motorway and Trunk Road network through a blend of internal staff and service providers, this presented a unique challenge in delivering training for a new system used 24/7 which is vital to Operations. Sirenna lead on the Training and Embedment for Network Occupancy Management System (NOMS) which was successfully deployed in August 2017 [winner of 2017 Be Inspired Award]. Sirenna’s role included development of the training strategy and plan, modification of training materials and delivering training to over 300 safety critical essential users spread across the country ahead of deployment. Following deployment there remains the need to train new users plus those non-essential users that did not receive training ahead of deployment. Through the development of e-learning for NOMS, Sirenna has provided a much more cost efficient and robust method for training moving forwards. This approach is particularly welcomed by service providers who run teams of shift workers which provides it’s own challenge in co-ordinating time away from the office to undertake delivery together. The e-learning package is now in use and has been well received by those undertaking the training.
    Highways England

    Nathan Drysdale

    NOMS Project Manager

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