Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Women empowerment used to make for interesting debates over coffee and among the chattering intellectual classes living the high-flying lives. History hasn’t promoted women leaders, particularly in the field of business and politics.

However, that has been changing over the last three decades. From the influential Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor or Premier in other words, to the likes of Indra Nooyi who has been heading PepsiCo for quite some time now, many women have become true leaders and have outdone their male counterparts by miles.What history has shown us is that women have always been enterprising and inspiring for centuries.

The difference women are making in today’s business world positively embraces and promotes the idea that communication, self-awareness and empathy. And although difficult to measure, these skills are highly valued and can make a real difference to the bottom line.

A fair business is a healthy business

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

What does that mean? Well we need to focus on building a gender-balanced world.

Everyone has a part to play -all the time, everywhere.Balance drives a better working world. And here at Sirenna we help to create a#BalanceforBetter.

Here at Sirenna…

We celebrate the balance, with a team that spans three generations (I know we all look so young). So,what does each generation bring?

Creativity, Innovation and Experience


There is always something to learn and share. We empower the team to develop new ideas and get them to market.

We are passionate about everything, whether we’re standing up for a friend or talking business in the boardroom, we have passion and enthusiasm for even the tiniest of things.

We support each other helping each other to grow. It truly is heart-warming and character-developing. It can bring so much to you and the other women around you. We encourage you to help each other to help yourselves.

We balance our lives with work… and yes, we do multitask and put in few extra hours.


At Sirenna, we have these women.

– Rani Dablar

In Summary

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Question: How are you celebrating International Women’s Day?

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