Communicating In A Social Media World

Communicating In A Social Media World

The last 10 years has seen the rise of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These types of media platforms have changed the way we communicate, both personally and in business.


Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you.- Matt Goulart


Social media is now a huge part of everyday life, and has become one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. Major companies have cottoned onto this, and have begun offering sponsorship deals to social media icons, such as vloggers (those who choose to document and share their lives through videos), ‘instagrammers’ (similar, but through pictures) and many others.

How can social media help me or my business?

Social media is now more important than ever in expanding your business. There’s a few ways we can use this to our advantage. Here are examples of social media marketing techniques:

  • Competitions

    Holding competitions for prizes, where people need to like and share your page is a very common, and incredibly effective, way of increasing your online presence. This can even span across multiple social media platforms.

  • Deals

    Similar to above, offering big discounts or special deals to people who like your page and/or sign up to an email list is another great way to get both followers and business.

  • Freebies

    Giving freebies to people with a following in the same demographic as your business is also an incredibly effect method to get your brand known.


These aren’t the only ways social media will help you. Posting actively on social media is one of the easiest and most important ways to not only increase your following, but keep it.

When posting on your social media accounts, keeping the posts short and to the point is the best way to ensure people will read them. Also, posts including images or short videos will in general have more engagement from followers than those without.

We all live in a world connected by social media. Ensuring your online presence adheres to your company’s image, and taking advantage of the benefits the social world can bring will help your company grow at little to no cost.


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