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  • March 8, 2017

On International women’s day Sirenna would like to celebrate the women in the team and all the women that we have worked with and will be working with in the future.


Here’s to the awesome women at Sirenna.



Team Member: Rani

The Practical: Creative Storyteller

The Personal: Leader

Random Superpower: Travel to other Dimensions and is a wangler (woman angler)



Team Member: Pranali

The Practical: Computer Wizard

The Personal: Genius

Random Superpower: X-ray Vision and secret artist



Team Member: Anuja

The Practical: Animator Extraordinaire

The Personal: Artist

Random Superpower: Shape Shifter and dancing queen



Team Member: Pauline

The Practical: Confident Coach

The Personal: Listener

Random Superpower: De-stress Diva and Reiki expert



Team Member: Claire

The Practical: Tremendous Trainer

The Personal: Justice Queen

Random Superpower: Telepathy and makes a mean cup of tea



Team Member: Tanya

The Practical: Voice over Artist

The Personal: Guru

Random Superpower: Superhuman speed and is a Tae-Bo champion

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