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  • March 8, 2016

Sirenna Learning are proud to be celebrating International Women’s Day.

On this day, where we celebrate the contribution women make in society, we thought we would share the story of our founder, Rani Dablar.

This modest female at the helm of Sirenna, is an inner city comprehensive girl from Leeds has become a successful, savvy business woman. This is her story.

Rani was a studious girl and loved learning from a very young age. She studied hard at school and went onto college to complete a business diploma. She excelled at college and was head hunted to go and work at the London Stock Exchange. However, her family was hit by a personal tragedy so she decided to stay close to home.

She took a job with the Employment Service. Within three weeks she was promoted. Within the year she was promoted again and now a well-respected asset to the agency.

During her time at the Employment Service she met Jacqui Ward. Jacqui, became Rani’s mentor and challenged her more. Jacqui knew she had found something special in Rani and encouraged her to go to university and fulfil the desire for more learning.


University Years


In 1995, Rani packed her bags and went to Oxford. There she completed her Business degree and realised that developing people is what excited her. It became her passion; it still is her passion. University led to working for one of the largest software houses in the Training Division. When asked, what did you do at Logica? “I turn the geek speak into plain English” was the reply.


Life after Logica


Logica, formerly known as CMG, gave Rani the grounding she needed to become an experiences Training Solutions Consultant. She worked with high profile clients in Banking, Defence and the Government. She then decided to go it alone and became one of the countries well sought Training Consultants.

After years of working on successful learning projects as a contractor, Rani started Sirenna Learning. Now with over 15 years’ experience Rani started with an initial core team and has grown Sirenna rapidly over the last couple of years. Behind the success are the core values she instils into the company which have led to creating some exceptional learning.




Rani – always going to be something different


Rani was never going to be like everyone else. Day 1 at school at the age of 4, she decided she would walk home. After all, she had been walking this route with her mum for the last year, making sure her elder sister got to school on time. This independent mindset has carved the path she has taken.


Her Inspirations


Rani has been inspired by the strong role models in her life, her mother, Swaran Kaur, her mentor and coach, Jacqui Ward, her adventurers Claire Helliwell and Lesley Durkin, and all the amazing women she has met in her life, from Sue Tarran at Animal Health, to Becki in Gambia and the little girl in India, who brought a smile to her face when she needed it most.


Her mantra’s for her life include:

Make at least one person happy every day, not forgetting yourself.
Lose the negative people in your life…
This is your movie, you are the star, make sure you shine


What does Women’s Day Mean?


Rani 1

Linking Ladies Event


Women have a variety of roles in this society. Women’s day is about celebrating these different roles. It’s about those women who continually take the next step, even if the step is into the unknown.

There is still a way to go to ensure equality in society and the workplace. For Rani, Sirenna is about awarding capability, recognising talent and now taking the role of the mentor to inspire her own staff.

Rani believes in continually learning. She regularly takes on a new challenge and always makes time to learn.


The Future


Creating imaginative learning is the passion that continues for Rani and Sirenna in the future.

‘As we move into a world where we learn online… not just in the workplace, but on YouTube, via Google, and via a shout out on Social media, all of us in the learning arena must take note of it.’

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